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The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak, which began in December 2019, is a major global public health security incident that has caused significant economic losses and casualties.
After months of hard work by the people of China, the epidemic situation in China is now well under control. However, looking at the whole world, the epidemic is developing rapidly, and it can't be careless at all. This global event is closely related to all walks of life and each of us.
Therefore, in this special period, our company undertakes the manufacture of mask machines, and the sales department develops sales of personal protective equipment related to epidemic prevention. In the current situation where domestic production capacity can meet domestic demand, we are facing the world and provide high-quality and reliable machines and PPE to do our best for global epidemic control and mitigation.

Semi-Automatic Non Woven Disposable 3 Ply Plane Face Mask Making Machine

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