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The Updated Of DBFQS-320 Slitting Rewinding Machine

Date,2018-10-13 Browse volume:1123

        DBFQS-320 slitting rewinding machine is a updated machine based on DBFQD-320 slitting rewinding machine. it suitable for adhesive paper labels slitting and film material slitting. Comparing other slitting machine, it's more economical machine.

        From Sept. 2018, our DBFQS-320 machine updated from  manual tension control system to automatic taper control system, the max. slitting speed can be reach at 145m/min, most stable speed at 120m/min. 

        Different DBFQD-320, this machine keep three rewinding airshafts, the up two shafts are turret type, can choose different diameter airshat: 1inch, 1.5inch and 3inch, most suitable for small width label slitting.

        For more detail, please view the vedio on youtube: https://youtu.be/v88NcpV0FmM, thanks.