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HAU-320 Automatic Butt Splicer Unwinder

HAU-320 Automatic Butt Splicer Unwinder, this machine is aim for achieve precision automatic unwinding and rewinding system! This is a new machine in China. We develop it since 2016. Our company researches it independently, with all of its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturing technologyWe can ensures nonstop feeding and winding for web materials to printing and converting machinery. This state of the art system provides a fully integrated package that maintains non-stop production with no impact to the printing or converting process.

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1.  Smart design,almost to meet all customer request 

2.  Refined process,without specialized training to operate 

3.  Stable tension control system,with piecewise tension coupling method

4.  100% success connect paper 

5.  Positive and negative sides of the tape 

6.  Can be connected after die cutting and other processing 

7.  Automatic unwinding three kinds of die cutting arbitrary choice: manual unwinding mode,winding diameter setting mode and length setting mode. 

8.  Automatic rewinding with EPC function 

9.  The laser positioning paper edge material is aligned

Full Set Automatic Winding System: 

Automatic Unwinding System + Matrix Transfer System + Automatic Rewinding

Technical Specification:



Machine Weight: 

About 1500 KG



Total power:


Start Run Power:  




Maximum Unwinding Diameter: 


Max. Unwinding Width: 


Max. Run Speed:    

100m/min ; 180m/min

Unwinding Connect Paper Time: 


Way Of Connect Paper:   

Oblique Connect

Angle Of Paper connect:  


Edge position control:    

Digital Terminal EPC

Upload way:    

Manual pressure drawer

Pick Up Material Aligned:    

Laser Positing

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