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DBTB-800/1600 Tape coating Machine

Our Tape coating Machine is widely used for making BOPP Tape, Bopp Transfer tape ,Bopp box sealing tape ,Adhesive tape ,Masking tape, Electrical insulation tape ,Reflective tape,Stationary tape,Kraft paper tape, and so on. The Coating products for packing tape, Industrial packaging tape, gift packaging tape, etc., can also be customized according to customer requirements of various personalized printing tape.

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Suitable Material:

This machine is mainly suitable for reel -type substrate coating production.The material such as : Paper ,Opp ,Aluminum,CPP ,PET ,BOPP ,Fabric ,ETC .


1.Heating oven could be opened by hydraulic,The guide roller in the oven was driving synchronous with host machine

2. HMI ,Man and machine face to face interface touch screen.

3. High precision auto edge position correction system,Rewind roll will have high precision edge neat 

4. With inflammable gas detecting alarm (select for solvent glue );

5. NON-Stop Machine station(Optional)

6. Double layers cycle drying oven, Both sides coating could be finished in One step. (Optional)

7. Each heating section is controlled independent. .

7. Current output type temperature control system makes heating quicker and electricity saving

8. Rewinding controlled by auto diminishing taper tension,it could avoid the materials damaged

9. Machine should be installed on firmly cement ground, need no special foundation, fix expansion bolt on key parts

Main Specification

Common matters

Raw material

PET, BOPP, PVC, PE, PI,Fabric ,Copper foil,Aluminum foil, etc., (User Advice)

Machine speed

100-150m/min below

Tasks speed

80-120m/min below

Raw material width


Guide Roll

Φ100~120mm Anodizing or hard chrome surface treatment


Control motor

AC Vector Motor

Machine color

MUNCELL NO. F-299002 (User Advice)


Unwinding & rewinding part

2-axis turrent type or 1-axis center type

Reel outer Dia

Φ600, Φ800, Φ1000, Φ1200mm

How to connect raw material

Automatic or manual connection

Splicing type and direction

Flying Arm(T/B), Tapeless(T/B)

Air-Shaft fixing type

3" Shaft + Adapter (AL or MC nylon)



Chamber inner temperature

Max. 200°C

Hot blow injection type


Heating source

Electric heater, gas burner, Thermal Oil, Strea heating

Unit Dryer length

1.8m, 2.2m, 3m, 4m


Coating Head

Developed unit

There are Comma, Gravure coating method .(Mayer bar could be fixed follow Users)

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